Monday, May 9, 2011

Making My Own Dungeon Table To Use Alongside The Pendraken Dungeon Tiles

The Pendraken Miniatures resin Dungeon Tiles are a Godsend to the 10mm gamer wishing to pursue role playing in this wonderfully petite game scale. But sometimes... just sometimes, the dreary monotony of miles and miles of endless tunnels, passages and chambers gets a little same-y (I guess if these fantasy worlds really existed, there would be a syndrome for this kind of mind numbing claustrophobia "Tunnel Phobia... Underworld Fatigue" or some such medical condition - hmmm now there`s an idea)  :-\

 Sooo, for a change of pace, I set about creating my own single piece large dungeon tile. I used a small table my had daughter made at school in woodwork (ideal or my purposes), and I got a willing volunteer... my lovely partner Paula...  to do the donkey work and lay hundreds of little mosaic tiles (purchased from the local craft shop) in neat lines upon the table top, with nice evenly spaced gaps between each tile - carefully drawn out before hand.

 When the tiles were set, she went about undercoating in black. At this stage I nobly stepped in and did the HARD work *wink* and white spray painted over the black to give the board a dry brush dungeon grey effect. I then spray varnished over the whole thing and BINGO!!!! I had me a nice large flat dungeon area upon which I could happily play my games. A nice change of pace from the dungeons; and/or it works perfectly alongside the normal Pendraken dungeons as well.

                                               Paula starts on my table... thanks sweetie.


... Not Always My Most Developed Virtue

Lines Upon Lines

She`s getting There

Ooo... More Lines Of Tiles. Ain`t It Pretty :-)

Aaaah, More Like It!


Drying Nicely

Open... OPEN!!

Not Bad... Even If I do Say So Myself!!!

Can use the board in any rpg game, like a D&D mat to place your figures on to describe the action taking place... or to use as a large Dungeon World chamber in it`s own right. 

Not finished yet, could go on for ever improving it. But anyway, you get the general idea.

The party looked down into the vast chamber below, and eyed the scene before them with critical eyes.

"Well how the hell are we supposed to get through that lot. There must be a dozen of those things moving about down there?" Drover Warsong stated anxiously.

Below where the four fearful companions perched looking into the chamber, many foul oozing Slimes slithered hither and thither among the remains of the last party of unfortunate victims who had NOT successfully made it  across the open ground... to the portal on the far side! Patches of blood and gore seeped into the cracks in the stones and gathered in macabre pools of rapidly drying crimson.

Yentala The Thief looked around frantically, using her keen eyes to search out the edges of the chamber for a safe passage through the large expanse, to the stone carved door on the far side. But all she could see was a group of hungry Giant Rats lapping at the gore and nibbling on the last remains of the previous adventuring party.

"No use for it, we HAVE to go through the Slimes. Our quest lies beyond those far doors!" Bjorn The Bold announced in an agitated tone.

"Don`t they spit acid?" Mikus The Mage enquired with a slight quiver in his voice.