Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Pendraken Miniatures Terrain Arrives In The Post

Woohooo!!! I`m a happy chappie. Due to the kindness of Leon (from Pendraken Miniatures) I was sent a parcel containing all the 10mm terrain I could ever imagine needing for my games.... actually Leon said "tell me what you need" and I made a list a page long - and guess what? Leon not only included everything on my wish list - but he put in more besides. It’s fairly safe to say that in one fell swoop, due the amazing `good guys` at Pendraken,  I now own a complete treasured collection of 10mm terrain which will really enhance my games aesthetically, and will prove invaluable to the interior artwork in the forthcoming DW Campaigns book.

Sadly (from a hobby point of view) no sooner did the parcel arrive, but friends and relatives descended out of the blue upon poor Polly and me for a week and more, which meant I was unable straight away to get down to much painting and assembling.

However, I`m now back on track and have started the momentous task of getting everything ready to pass muster. While the resin road sections are drying unstairs from their first undercoat, I have made a start downstairs on the numerous buildings, hedges and wall pieces.

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