Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dungeon World Campaigns Is Finally Finished, yeeeeey!!!!!

The Clean Up Crew in Dungeon World:

In many Underdeep complexes throughout the known (and sometimes unknown) worlds of fantasy, there are some usually parasitical monsters who are part of what are affectionately known as `clean up crew`. These wandering monster types move through a complex, eating anything they find on their travel through the tunnels.

 Actually, they are essential to the ecology of a clean dungeon!

 These scavengers move and slither through the endless miles of tunnels in a ceaseless drive to fill their stomachs; in fact they exist simply to feed and to breed in a nonstop, endless cycle of self perpetuation.

 They are usually encountered as Wandering Monsters. Many of these creatures are nothing more than a semi dangerous nuisance; but some are indeed extremely dangerous and hazardous to encounter - especially if found in groups.

 For the Draken Master, this form of Wandering Monster might be looked upon as the dungeon cleaners. Without their existence, the dungeons would be a lot dirtier and certainly a heck of a lot smellier.

 A few of the monstrosities which comprise the clean up crew are: 

Gelatinous Blob

Evil Trapper

Floating Roof Monster

Floating Squid

The Gelatinous Blob is really nothing more than a stomach which slithers and slides through the dungeon tunnel complex, often filling out to fit the dimensions of the walls, scraping clean and digesting anything it makes contact with. It is said there are few things in the world the Blob cannot eat, given enough time for its digestive acids to get to work.

The Trapper is an evil entity. Only semi sentient, yet possessing enough reason to position itself in prime position (alone or in groups) where it can detect nearby movement... at the last minute  lashing out with its long sticky tentacles, ensnaring a victim and pulling it into its ravenous maw.

Floating Squids normally roam the dungeon in small groups. When they encounter living (or recently dead) matter, they phychically suck its energy to a dry husk, leaving little left but a pile of dust. Its simple throat and small red mouth makes a shrill keening sound when threatened or a food source is close.

Floating Roof Monsters hide on the roof of tunnels and chambers, waiting until an enemy is beneath them, at which point they drop onto the unsuspecting victim and attempt to devour it alive. This squid like creature rests (sometimes for great lengths of time) in a tough rubbery sack which is attached by a cord and which the `thing` drags along behind it when in motion. The creatures have occasionally been seen without this added baggage. Experts have speculated a possible gradual evolution is taking place.

*sighhhhs* Now to take a break.... a busman`s holiday finally to finish off painting the rest of my monsters.... hundreds down, only hundreds more to do.

Let The Games Begin!!!

You Shall Not pass!!!

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  1. That's looking great, Six! Ye dungeons shall be immaculate from here on forward, and adventurers shall be dazzled by the tidiness!!