Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Nar Waki Fukar

This Dwimlin tribe is not originally indigenous to our green and pleasant land (and indeed, may be the result of sorcerous crossbreeding with distant Goblins), yet their reputation is legend. They are feared and reviled by all... even their own kin. These cannibalistic subterranean dwellers errupt and raid the  surface world from time to time; carrying off fresh food, slaves, loot, and anything else they can lay their hands on. Their numbers are unknown, yet due to the sheer numbers which surface from time to time, and the diverse locations from which they spring, it has been speculated that the Nar Waki Fukar may in fact be an entire underdeep nation - and not merely a tribe.

Not much is known about these creatures, and there are very few eye witness accounts concerning their appearance (other than their green pallor, guttural speech, and disgusting stench), as most who encounter these strange and vile monstrosities are either dragged away into the dark or slain mercilessly, leaving no survivors to recount the tale.

(made by Pendraken Miniatures)

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